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Portal Gates

Portal gates allow you to make blocks that can teleport you between worlds or other locations in your Minecraft save. This mod is cross-mod compatible. This mod is proudly made with MCreator.


Cross-mod Support

This modification can work with other MCreator modifications or can be adapted to work with other mods if the developer of those mods wants to add support for Portal Gates.

Quality Assets

This modification has high-quality assets that look good in Minecraft and gives a great gameplay experience. All assets are hand-crafted by NorthWestTrees and implemented into the modification.

World Support

Portal gates can be used in both vanilla and custom worlds, allowing for easy teleportation to exact locations in any world you want to teleport to.

Entity Support

Thanks to portal timers entities both hostile and passive can be teleported to different locations using the magic of block tick updates and timers.

TP Countdown

When players stand on the portal a countdown preview will show before the player is teleported, this uses vanilla features mainly the title command.


It is possible to paint the portal gate blocks and portal gate crystals any 16 colours of the Minecraft rainbow. This can be useful for different locations and making sure you use the right portal if you have many of them.

Crafting Recipes

Portal Gates has a balanced recipe system, making sure that the contents of this mod are not to easy to obtain but still easy enough where it's achievable. We have done our best to make it balanced as possible.


Portal Gates also has some advancements that players can work towards unlocking. We plan to add more advancements in the future but currently, there is not enough content to make that many advancements.

Planned Features

A list of planned features for the modification.


List Of Planned Features

  • Forge Fluid transporters are a simple way to transport forge Fluids to other locations locally.

  • Forge Energy teleporters. A simple way to remote transport FE to other locations locally.

  • Portal Events are things that can happen to the portals randomly.

  • Single-use panic button to teleport you to a stored portal.

  • Maybe something to do with biomes not sure what yet.

  • Short-distance portals with local transportation in mind.

  • Item teleporter, transport items instead of entities.

  • Craftable versions of the decretive portal blocks.

  • More portal settings for entity selectors.


A quick step by step guide how to use the modification.


1. Craft two portal gate blocks
This block will place blocks on its sides in a 3x3 area when placed.

2. Craft one rune stone item
This item is used for copying world ids, and positions and configuring the portal gate.

3. Place the first Portal Gate block
Make sure you have enough room for the portal gate. The required size of the area must be 3x3x3 to be able to use the portal properly.

4. Set the mode for the Rune Stone

Make sure the rune stone is in link mode. To change the mode right click on any block that is not the Portal Gate.

Rune Stone Modes

  1. Link - Will link a portal gate in a single direction.

  2. Delay Up - This will increase the portal delay time by 5 ticks.

  3. Delay Down - This will decrease the portal delay time by 5 ticks.

  4. Monster - Will toggle permission for monsters to use the portal.

  5. Creature - Will toggle permission for creatures to use the portal.

5. Right-click the portal gate with the Rune Stone

Again make sure your rune stone is in link mode.

6. Place your second Portal Gate

You can place your second portal gate in any world or world location. The modification will automatically teleport the entity to that dimension.

7. Link the first portal gate with the second one.

Your rune stone must be in link mode to copy the data over to the second portal gate. If it's linked you will see four purple crystals appear.

8. Long Distances and Other Worlds

If you're using other worlds or fare distances that take a bit more time to load than normal chunk loading you may need to adjust the delay time to a higher number. I suggest custom dimensions or portal gates over the distance of your render distance to have it set to 80 tick delay. You can increase and decrease this value to fit your performance for your game some computers may take a bit longer to load the world.

9. Perform steps 4 and 5 for the second Portal Gate

Make sure to set the mode for the rune stone back to link mode if you have performed step #8. Right-click the second portal gate to copy its location.

10. Stand on the second Portal Gate and wait to teleport to the first Portal Gate.

You will be now linking up the second portal gate to the first portal gate.

11. Perform steps 7 and 8 for your first Portal Gate.

Remember to set the portal delay time for the first portal so you don't get stuck loading worlds and travelling between portals.

NWTG Modification License Agreement

By downloading the modification you agree to the following terms of use.


✅ Mod Packs
You can use the modification in mod packs.

✅ Private Use
You can use the modification for your own personal enjoyment.

✅ Commercial Use - Limited
You may use the modification for promotional purposes sole long as it does not ruin the modification brand or the brand of Minecraft, or MCreator.

🚫 Selling, Trading or Gaining
You may not make any profit from this item, or gain anything from deals between you and another person. With the only exception, you are allowed to monetize videos on YouTube or other services while using the features in the modification.

🚫 Reposting. Publishing, and Distribution
You may not distribute or report the modification on any other sites without direct permission from the creator.

🚫 The use to Devalue Brands
You may not use the content in a way directly designed to devalue the Modification, Mojang, Microsoft, Minecraft, NorthWestTrees Gaming, Pylo, MCreator, or any products, services, or partners connected with these brands.

🚫 Patents, Stocks and Ownership
You may not claim ownership of the modification through patents, stocks, or any other means of claiming ownership of the modification.

🚫 Malicious Use
Using the modification in a way to cause people's property any harm whether temporary or permanent is strictly forbidden.

❓ Contact us for other uses
Please send us an email to ask for permission if the use is not listed above.


Official Download Sources

Minecraft Forge 1.18.2
Downloads can be found on the official GitHub via the pages below.

Download the latest version from

Download general use versions from

Download both development and general use versions from

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