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NMS Class S Shuttle: Setouc Vanquisher XVII

Today I found a Class S white and yellow shuttle starship in No Mans Sky. The states of the shuttle are pretty good.

  • Class: S

  • Damage Potential: 108.0

  • Shield Strength: 233.6

  • Hyperdrive Range: 119.5

  • Maneuverability: 320.4

  • Inventory Slots: 28

  • Tech Slots: 8

  • Cargo Slots: 8

You will need to use the portal glyphs to reach the system if you want this ship.

( Moon, Bird, Moon, Ship, Triangles, Tree, Galaxy, Galaxy, Ocean, Triangles, Face, Triangles )

Then navigate to the planet Xingwo Tau in offline mode you may want to save at the space station before you travel to the crash site just incase its a different ship, you can reload the auto save from your starship or from a save beacon. Doing so will have a chance to update the ship if something did not work properly.

The last thing once you make it to the planet "Xingwo Tau", you will need to travel to the coordinates of +23.94, +122.87. Here you will find the crash site.

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