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A New Minecraft Wiki

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

I don't have too much to say as it has already been said in the video by Xisumavoid.

Some back story from what I remember this would be the second time Minecraft Wiki has moved though I think the last time was when it merged with fandom.

Since then the site has had major issues with providing a good user experience, personally, the right panel always seemed to get in my way on the fandom site covering content and was just really poorly optimized for what the community needed.

With this being said I am happy for the move and want to let people know about the move so it gets more traction as explained in the video.

Anyhow the video is not too long to watch there is more information about the change in the video so I recommend giving Xisumavoid some love and sharing his video.

I highly recommend checking out Xisumavoid's Minecraft news videos, he covers Minecraft updates and community news really well.

Anyhow just a quick post you can find the new site here.

You can find the new site here:

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