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What is the best mob to vote for at Minecraft Live 2022

So Minecon is coming up soon and we now know our options for what we can vote for mobs but I want to take some time to explain my point of view on each one and why I think the Sniffer would be the best option. Rascal:

At first glance people may think it will give good enchantments, however knowing Mojang it will be nerfed quite a bit The game is never designed in a way to make any feature OP "overpowered" so chances of getting diamond tools or higher or any rare or expensive enchantments are most likely off the table. Tuff Golem:

As cute as the name sounds it could be an ok choice but as far as usefulness I don't really see why we would need an entity to move items around for us. It seems more like a display stand than anything that could assist with stuff, it may be good for decoration but their stating it can come alive and sleep again could mean it may move on its own so it may be more of a nuisance than a good building tool plus we have item frames and armor stands already that do this job just fine.


I save my first choice for last, as someone that likes crops and knows crops are generally a renewable resource this new mob called the Sniffer could open way more doors for new foods, and crops, reason, why this would be a good choice, is because it's something that can be used as a tool, opens more doors for future development for new foods, items, blocks, and plants, but also seems like it would not get in the way of people or be nerfed too much. For modding wise it also holds a good chance we might be able to use loot tables or something similar with the mob to expand its use. Again I am never much for one to tell people to vote for what but I wanted to point out some things that I can see happening with this year's mob vote, I will leave it up to the community for picking what they want. I do ask that you vote for what you want and not let Mojang during the live event influence your choice, they often state things like "that's my favorite" or "I would vote for this" its important to remember that it's your vote and your choice and you should pick what you will use the most not vote for the devs and Mojang staff or other people. I post this mainly so people can see the options and that hopefully, we can get a good useful mob this year around. But in the end, it's up to the community. Happy voting!

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