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April Fools A Day Of Fake News?

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

As someone who has never participated in April Fools on this day for my YouTube channels, I don't think I have ever really stated why I don't.

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Making an April Fools joke about someone is really mean in nature, and over the years many people take it too far and some people get hurt in the process. On the other side of things the era of "Fake News" people constantly blame groups of people such as influencers or people who report news for spreading false information.

As many do participate in this day, I have always been against doing so as the concept is really stupid in general. Alongside that people generally don't pay attention to when things are posted and many posts are kept up on sites across the web even after the day is over.

This brings us back to misinformation which can be taken at face value by anyone at a later date. With that said the other concept is the whole point of doing so, and that's to make another person look like a fool or an idiot. Anyone who seeks to do this any other day would be deemed abusive or mean, so why do we allow this behaviour to be acceptable one day a year if many people's values are against doing it?

It's mainly just thoughts I have had and observing the 28 years of my life of this day that simply won't ever go away, made me think why bother with treating another human being like dirt? It makes no sense why it would be acceptable one day a year, at this rate, why not make a day to drink and drive, I mean if we are making exceptions for abuse then really what is the point of holding back on anything we have values and laws for?

We simply lose our integrity when we make exceptions for things we live by. Once we start to see the major issues that everyday things like this have an effect on, we can start to make society better. Sadly though many people don't look at things from a wider perspective, so many things get fogged by them just following trends.

Either way, now you know my stance on April 1st, and despite this being posted on the same day I promise you that it's how I really feel about this day, and why you won't see me making videos that will participate in the behaviour of miss information on my gaming channel or any other channels I may have in the future. Anyhow just some thoughts on this particular day.

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