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MoreBlox Release 2.0.0

Overview of the MoreBlox Release 2.0.0

The MoreBlox Release for version 2.0.0 is nothing small, this took me weeks to work on just for this one update. Though it does not have much in the line for content, the mechanics and asset quality are very good in level of detail.


Changes to MoreBlox 2.0.0

Entity Horse Carts

Entity horse cars allow players to transport up to 3 entities by a special cart added in the mod using leads and some items to change the cart's modes.


Crafting Stations

I also added two new crafting stations to the mod allowing custom crafting for storage blocks and cart resources and items. Each station has a built-in recipe helper to help you craft recipes.


Barrel Storage

Based on the vanilla barrel but with a more 3D feel to it, these barrels are cross-mod supported meaning other mods can add their own resources for this block while keeping the same mechanics.


Modding Support

Many core features mainly the barrels and entity horse carts have support for other mods to make use of the mechanics and or add their own content to be supported in MoreBlox.


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