Season Selection Summer 2022

The Remaining Games

Before spring started I explained how I was going to try to make the season selection more like the MCreator PickIT tutorials in regard to what games get chosen to be done first. This keeps the community involved and helps me see what games people want over other games.

The games for 2022 that I selected where.

  • Minecraft

  • Cities Skylines

  • No Man's Sky

  • American Truck Simulator

Minecraft was chosen for Spring and we are just finishing up the recording for the season in the next two weeks so its time to vote what game out of the remaining three you guys want to see me play in the next season.

No Man's Sky

No man's sky has had a few major updates since we last played the game, many combat improvements in the last couple updates and a few really cool things that have really made the game more enjoyable overall.

Cites Skylines

There was one update recently for airports DLC however due to the track record of Paradox not being great with testing bugs for their games and focusing more on minor expansions for expensive prices I never got the latest DLC as it was not taken well by the community there for we will most likely start a new map and try to plan a good city.

American Truck Simulator

We have not played this game in a very long time I still have the save we where working on back when we started the series that we can continue. I have also invested a lot of money into the DLC content for the game and own most of the map expansions now minus a the the latest one and Texas which is still in development. As far as content packs I have I think most of them if not all of them for both Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator.

Where To Vote?

You can vote for the game on NorthWestTrees Gaming's community tab come Sunday the 17th of this month. The voting period will last until Friday the 29th of this month when I am due to start recording for the next season's content.

Vote Here

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