The Story of NorthWestTrees Gaming

Games, Tutorials, and Mods

NorthWestTrees Gaming was founded on September 21st 2013, however the channel was unused until June 21st 2014 when I came out with a low quality video for the Tekkit Classic series which is now since deleted.

Over the years I have progressed and improved the quality of the content I make always striving to move forward with a range of content for the gaming community.

As of April 3rd, 2022 I have close to 6,800 subscribers on YouTube with many more people not subscribed but watching my videos on the main channel.

Content I make mainly consists of let's plays and Minecraft mod making tutorials using the MCreator application I do some spotlights from time to time on MCreator mods and building series where I work on modded building tutorials where I make things with MCreator and build cool things with the content I add to Minecraft.

For game selection, I am always expanding my collection, I have played many simulation games, survival games and some management games in the past, however I mainly focus on content that is going to be safe to use with YouTube so I try to avoid games with gore, swearing, harm and substence abuse, this allows me to focus more on creative aspects however I do like playing some games not as well known as often they can be just as good for content as some of the big name ones.

Production for every video is done by me (Kieran Martin) everything from recording to editing, to uploading. I spend about 8 hour more hours a day working on videos not counting workspaces and ideas for future content for the MCreator series that is often in my personal time. I try to reply to every comment posted on my Main channel as well.

Live Streams

Planned live streams and events can be found below.

  • NWTG Gaming Live
    Sat, Jan 14
    YouTube: NorthWestTrees Gaming Channel
    Jan 14, 2023, 12:00 p.m. – 2:20 p.m. PST
    YouTube: NorthWestTrees Gaming Channel
    Chill Stream, and Season Selection Announcement

Pinned Blog Posts

Some important blog posts can be found below.


Older MCreator Workspace Downloads

The old site had specific pages for downloads for the MCreator workspaces. I ended up having to drop support for the pages as they took a lot of time to make and people had issues fining the download button, I started to use this GitHub repository for the new downloads but many tutorials still require to be updated and moved. Hens why I am making a list of the older downloads so people can easily find and download them.

Forge Energy Project

This video covers the setup process of the cables I made, there is also a PDF file with more information regarding the creation of cables in the zip file for the project.

Discord Servers

Discord requires that people that use the service are 13 years old or older. You can find a few of my communities below.


NorthWestTrees Gaming

Discord Server

A discord server where you can join other community members and discuss NorthWestTrees Gaming!


Discord Server

A discord community for MCreator, get general help, share things with the community, and collaborate with other members!


Discord Server

I post mod change logs, progress updates and upcoming features here for my MCreator mods!


Contact Me

For business inquiries please contact me via email. For MCreator help use the MCToolkit discord server.