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No Mans Sky Flying Into The Sunset

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NorthWestTrees Gaming

NorthWestTrees Gaming is a channel where I upload let-'s-play videos. I post all kinds of videos of games that interest me. I produce around 207 videos per year for this channel alone. However, this is just one thing I produce, I also started to release shorts for each episode to recap key things in each episode. You can expect a new episode every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

NorthWestTrees Gaming Youtube Channel Logo
Medieval Dynasty Small Village With Hops
NorthWestTrees Gaming No Mans Sky Flying Into The Sunset
NorthWestTrees Gaming Cities Skyines TreeVill Football Stadium And More
NorthWestTrees Gaming Stardew Valley Greenhouse
NorthWestTrees MCreator YouTube Channel Logo

NorthWestTrees MCreator

NorthWestTrees MCreator was my first channel and also the channel that is most established for content. The channel gets two videos per week on Tuesdays and Fridays. This on average equates to 104 tutorials per year for the MCreator Minecraft mod-making program. One of the things that seems to have been a real hit in the community is the MCreator Lore series.

NorthWestTrees MCreator Farm Weeds Lore Series
NorthWestTrees MCreator Forest Biome In MCreator Lore Series
NorthWestTrees MCreator Custom Flowers Lore Series
NorthWestTrees MCreator Shrubs And Bushes Lore Series

NorthWestTrees Projects

NorthWestTrees Projects is a channel I started in 2022 that shows off some of the projects I am working on, often MCreator mods but I may expand to other things in the future. This channel is often not a regular uploading channel but when I have something note worthy I will make a video about it and upload it to this channel.

NorthWestTrees Projects YouTube Channel Logo
NorthWestTrees Projects Architecture Plus Minecraft Modification
NorthWestTrees Projects CCTV Craft Minecraft Modification
NorthWestTrees Projects MoreBlox Minecraft Modification
NorthWestTrees Projects Meet My Heir Minecraft Modification
YouTube Music channel logo

NorthWestTrees Music

NorthWestTrees Music is a small channel I started in 2022 to post some music on. I post on this channel from time to time when I have some inspiration to work on new kinds of content. Each track is different from the last and made with Rytmic Studio and post-processed in Resolve with a plugin for the audio waves. Songs take a bit of time to make and put together.

Tropical Storm sound track
River Run sound track
Cave Exploration sound track
Natures Heartbeat sound track
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